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V. Braun

"When everyone "didn't get it," you really listened to me until you understood the problem. I asked two other lawyers before I came to you. Thank you for your time and your empathy."

Jeanne L. Shelby

I worked with David to help with a problem concerning a balloon payment for my line of credit. He was, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and actually nice. I would recommend him for any debt problems you have!!! Thanks David -- what a great Thanksgiving present.

Rhoda St. Luce, Southfield, MI

David, I anguished for months over my problem. Had I not called you, I don't think I would have gotten it resolved. In less than 2 weeks you negotiated a fair settlement for my business. I'm so happy and my employees are happy. Thank you!

J. James

The balance for one of my credit cards was over $14,000. In less than one week David and his staff were able to negotiate a new balance for less than $4000. We saved over $10,000. This was for just on one of our cards. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first, but they delivered. I now understand why the meaning behind the name. David and his staff are truly a Proven Resource!

Dino Lembesis, S. Lyon, MI

 "Attorney David Soble lives up to his firm's namesake, "Proven Resource." I appreciate knowing that when my clients need a diligent and responsive real estate or contracts attorney, I can easily make the referral to David, David is well worth having on your side."

-Financial Adviser, Brighton, MI 

David Waxman, Esq., Solon, OH

 "David is a highly reliable resource for real estate and lending cases. As a real estate lawyer and successful investor, he not only "talks the talk," but also "walks the walk," providing his clients unparalleled insight on how the law directly affects their daily business success. When "the situation is critical" call David." 

- Environmental Attorney, OH 

Joel L. Lapeer

The IRS lien killed my ability to refinance my business loan with [the bank]. They wanted the lien removed or they wanted me to pay off the loan immediately. [David] Soble got my 'house' in order and quickly. His experience was my strength.

M. Donte

I am extremely relieved and pleased with the results. This issue has been dragging on for years and David had it resolved in 120 days.
Terry Buckner

Terri Buckner, Huntington Woods, MI

 "For over 15 years, David and I have worked on a variety of transactions and have had the pleasure of maintaining a wonderful professional relationship. In a time when respect and empathy are in short supply, David exemplifies both and carries out everything that he does with the utmost integrity. He brings a creative energy to the table with an ingenuity that creates new solutions. I highly recommend him as a trusted collaborative colleague. "
-Financial Training Consultant
Carrie Buscemi

Carrie Buscemi, Waterford, MI

 "I have known David most of my mortgage career and we have worked together on several occasions. David is definitely a diligent, hard working, problem solver when it comes to helping his clients. He is probably one of the most knowledgeable Michigan Real Estate & Finance Attorney that I know and goes the distance for his clients. I would recommend David highly for anyone looking for a real estate or finance attorney!"

-Mortgage Banker,  Michigan First Mortgage
Terry Buckner

David Brockmyer, Grand Haven, MI 

  David Soble is an unmatched resource for all things related to real estate finance and law. He's dealt with nearly every type of transaction, loan, property, lender, seller, and buyer. He's seen it all and knows the intricacies of creating a successful resolution for his clients. If you need creative and determined counsel, I highly recommend David. 

--Business Mgt. Consultant
Carrie Buscemi

Andy Perlin,  Farmington, MI

"As a busy small business operator, I can tell you that David's legal efficiency and his sensitivity to our financial resources is very much appreciated. His real estate advice is spot on and I know that when working with him that I am getting a great return on my investment. When in doubt, call David. He's worth every penny!"

-HVAC Owner / Operator
Brian Goodman

Brian Goodman,
Walled Lake, MI 

 "If you have a legal problem with your bank loan or mortgage, you can't go wrong by calling David Soble. His legal experience in the real estate and lending community is exceptional. I have had only positive experiences. His approach to client service is an added bonus."

--Mortgage Banker
Rick Webster

Bat Seymour,  Royal Oak, MI

"David has extensive experience negotiating, reviewing and closing real estate and finance transactions. I worked with David both during his time in the banking industry and his legal practice. His attention to detail and persistence yield excellent results for those he represents. I highly regard his work."

--Owner, BBC Title,, Royal Oak, MI

Stuart Dorf, JD

Stuart Dorf, JD
Bloomfield, MI 

"David is a proven real estate attorney. David has built a successful practice on being able to successfully tackle, on behalf of clients, niche and "unique" circumstances that surround and/or impact real estate ownership. 

As a fellow real estate attorney and counselor, I whole-heartedly recommend David to individuals and companies a like who are facing unique challenges or claims involving real estate locally, regionally and/or nationally"
Carrie Buscemi

Rick Webster, Real Estate Investor, CA

"David has served as our Michigan general counsel for a few years now. He is great. Great on the details and even better on the forward looking strategy sessions. 

He has always stepped up on issues ranging from tenant issues and foreclosure to lender compliance and licensing. He reliably protects our interests and helps us avoid problems as we grow into the future. 

And one more thing: David interfaces very well with our clients. He's very good at working with people, defusing emotional issues and finding the win/win solutions we desire. "

--CEO Rena-Fi, 


Rich S., Troy, MI

When it comes to attorneys, David has a tremendous amount of real estate (residential and commercial) experience. He's very practical and knowledgeable with a wide berth of contacts in the state of Michigan. I highly recommended him if you require legal/ real estate services.

Daniel Liverman, Detroit, MI

David Soble gives the best advice.

W. and H. Rippy, Canton, MI

Once David Soble got involved the other party changed their position by 180 degrees. I witnessed a complete attitude adjustment.

Tim Perkins, Troy, MI

David has a unique understanding of the entire mortgage banking environment and is a champion with steadfast tenacity to protect his clients' interests....residential and commercial sectors.

Bishop Clara Brown-Draughn, Detroit, MI

David Soble and the Proven Resources staff have truly been a blessing to me and my church. From day one, David's professionalism, knowledge and compassion, are contributing factors as to why I consider him the best in town. He truly puts the need of his clients first and the outcome is nothing short of excellent. His monthly newsletters provides valuable information and his staff goes above and beyond to help make each client feel as if they are Proven Rosurces' number one priority. I highly recommend David Soble to anyone needing a real estate attorney who has nothing but that client's best interest at heart.

G. Dossman, Brighton, MI

I tell my friends that when you are dealing with "Situation Critical," you can't afford NOT to use one of the best...stumped for a solution, we put our faith in David's experience. It was worth it. Thanks for everything.

George D., Birmingham, MI

Your materials that you provide are always so informative and 'spot on'. I especially love getting your newsletters David. They make me smile! I share them with my colleagues and we always look forward to receiving the next issue.

L.  and S.,  P., Eastpoint, MI

Where do we begin? We greatly appreciate all of the hard work you did for us last month. Without you, we would have lost a big part of our lives. If you treat other "clients" the same as us, your roster of friends must be a mile long. Your guidance has been incredible...Your name and number will be part of our phone book. We will sleep like babies tonight.

Jim Davis, Brownstown, MI

David, we have learned so much from you over the years of working with you. Your real estate and lending knowledge is "second to none" and that's saying it lightly! Thanks again for your dedication and persistence. Sheila and I recommend your services to our friends every opportunity we get.

Tina D., Shelby Twp., MI

It was such a pleasure to meet with you. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and real estate expertise. In just an hour, we have learned a lot from you.

Evan K., Canton, MI

David Soble helped us out on a business contract. He negotiated the clause that gave us so much grief, and saved us a bunch of money and head ache. Next time we need legal help, we won't go cheap on a "legal packet" from the office supply store. Thanks again for everything.

Vickey H., Westland, MI

Three days ago, I thought I would lose my business until, [David Soble] got involved with the bank and their attorneys. Now that things have calmed down, I can write this note of appreciation. Thanks. 

J. James, Detroit, MI

The balance for one of my credit cards was over $14,000. In less than one week David and his staff were able to negotiate a new balance for less than $4,000. We saved over $10,000. This was for just on one of our cards. I have to admit that my husband and I were skeptical at first, but they delivered. I now understand why the meaning behind the name. David and his staff are truly a Proven Resource.

Dave L., Bloomfield Hills, MI

Thank you very, very much for the professional job you did, and the manner in which you responded to my questions as well as finishing the job appropriately. Much appreciated. I will certainly refer you to anyone that needs help in this arena.

Tracie C., West Bloomfield, MI

I've been working with Proven Resource for only a few days and have already learned so much valuable information of what 'Not' to do.

Jean K., Royal Oak, MI

Thanks David, you were just terrific to work with.

Brad C., Waterford, MI

Thanks David, for all of the help and peace of mind.

Jason B., Rochester, MI

I went to David when my negotiations with the bank had stalled. David got them restarted and pushed the deal across the finish line. I have so much confidence in him that I've since referred clients and friends.

Larry P., Farmington, MI

Got right down to business - like a laser, he found what was wrong with all of my property papers.

Iris A., Livonia, MI

We can't even begin to "Thank You" enough for the financial and legal relief you've given us. You always seem to put my worried mind at ease by your reassurance, being so patient and professional. You even return phone calls! Our sincerest thanks. 

Billy S., Waterford, MI

I wish we had come to you a few years ago. Your service was outstanding. We cannot thank you enough.

Mike R., Birmingham, MI

You have taken Robert Redford's title as 'The Natural'. Straight up, easy to understand, and full of great information. 

Scott C., Southfield, MI

I didn't think anyone would be able to help me with my real estate problem. David strategized the whole process. It did take a while, but patience and perseverance paid off. You were worth every penny as I sit here looking at my final settlement agreement in disbelief. 

Joshua Epstein, Farmington, MI

David Soble pulled out all the stops to make sure my deal got done. He is very professional and his real estate expertise far exceeded my expectations. Overall I was very impressed with his abilities, not only would I recommend, but I rave about his services!

Brad E., Bay City, MI

David's approach is quick resolutions and negotiation.  You need to know who you can trust. David's resources of experts and professionals is huge to his success as his method is truth is in the fact's. Thanks David for being honest and fighting for a widow and her family, their property rights and business. When trust is an issue go with the Proven Resource: David Soble

Tracy V., Monroe, MI

He  was able to talk to me in simple terms so I could understand the legal part of the case. He answered all my e-mails concerning the case that day or by the next day. Was very satisfied with how everything turned out.

Dana Leigh, Lansing, MI

I've known David thru my business as a real estate investor and educator for several years. I was surprised and delighted when he answered my question on AVVO.com. He spoke to me by phone several times providing legal insight into my issue.

Ben C., Commerce Twp., MI 

I had a consolation with David about a real estate issue that I was having. He was AWESOME. He took the time to look through my documents and give me feedback on what I should do. He knows his stuff. Call David if you need a real estate lawyer. You will not be disappointed.

Karin D., Sacramento, CA

I hired David based on a referral from an influential real estate investor, with whom he works with intimately for years. With a delicate combination of humor, wisdom and knowledge, he was educated and empowered me to get through some difficult times during this process "going after....

Kristy R. Canton, MI

I called for help to deal with a bad contractor. Mr. Soble answered all of my questions, asked a few I never thought of and gave me honest answers. He returned my phone call very promptly, as well. I have not hired him as of yet, my situation may have worked itself out, but I WILL hire him if it isn't resolved soon. In fact I have referred him to 2 friends already. I just spoke to him yesterday! Highly recommend.

Connie Tarhanic & Carol Parsons, Grass Lake, MI

Once David Soble got involved we finally started communicating. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need for real estate matters dealing with fight for his clients best interest in handing matters when it comes to negotiating for you.

Mr. Kincade, Tampa, FL

David Soble is the best. He takes great pride in Real Estate and working with you. He not only consulted me, he took the time to explain in detail all options for me as well as come up with a feasible solution. I now have his number in my contacts as The Problem Solver and will definitely have him represent me in future Real Estate endeavors. Thanks David, you rock!

Jeanne T., Sterling Hts, MI

I worked with David to help with a problem concerning a balloon payment for my line of credit on my mortgage. He was, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate and actually nice. I would recommend him for any debt problems you have!!! Thanks David - what a great Thanksgiving present.

Laverne W., West Bloomfield, MI

We were recommended by a friend and we have had a relationship ever since. He knows his law, I would recommend highly! You become a part of the family he is very honest with you. We are very satisfied with the service we receive and will continue to have him as our attorney.

Jean B., Waterford, MI

David's advice has never failed me. I was recently offered a business opportunity that at first glance I was ready to jump on. David laid out all of the pros... and then those pesky cons for me. He advised me to remove my emotions and to think like a businesswoman. I took his advice and am now very happily doing what I want to do and also have placed myself in a position to make money instead of losing it...

Creighton G., Wyandotte, MI 

I have had the pleasure of working with David in both adversarial and non adversarial settings as a fellow attorney here in the Metro Detroit Area. I have even referred clients to him due his extensive expertise in consumer law and other related collection issues.

Jay B., Canton, MI

I am a local investor and had entered into a hard money loan with a high interest and 10,000 pay out due upon closing in 6 months. My partners and I negotiated a couple of extensions, but due to the 10,000 payout on the sale of the property, it was making it impossible to sell for a profit. I called David Soble and he was able to negotiate a buyout without the 10,000 hit and we were able to successfully complete the sale. I am so thankful to have met him and for his help.

Cindy P., Redondo Beach, CA

Living out of the area, I was referred to David and couldn't be happier. He has put together a couple Land Contracts for us and helping with questions on other projects in the area. It's great to have someone you can count on, when you can't be there. He is extremely knowledgeable and I have every confidence he is always working in our best interest!!

John D., Dearborn Hts., MI

My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with David for the past year and half. He is a wonderful lawyer who dealt with our mortgage company matter responsively. I would high recommend him to anyone in need for real estate matters dealing with mortgages. He is very knowledgeable, easy to talk with and will fight for his clients best interest in handing matters when it comes to negotiating for you. "Great Lawyer"

David M., Allen Park, MI

David stayed the course and was able to get the results we were hoping for. Thanks!

Irwin L., West Bloomfield, MI

Resolved complex foreclosure matter as a result of his contacts and legal acumen in the most professional manner at a reasonable fee. Very pleased to recommend Mr. Soble.

James B., Dearborn Hts., MI

My wife and high recently working with David on the shortsale. David was a pleasure to work with. Not only did David keep us informed every step of the way, but he always got back to us in a timely fashion whenever we had questions and never once did we feel like we were bothering him or asking questions...

Andy W., Sylvan Lake, MI

This was my first time in 30+ years having to deal with a landlord. My son is at school at the University of Michigan and has been having constant problems with his apartment. These problems have been going on since we signed the lease back in September. David gave us some great legal advice on how to handle the problem in the most professional manner possible. He knew exactly what letter to write, which local agencies to contact and how....

Mark A., West Bloomfield, MI

I met David about two years ago and I can't say enough about him. David exceeded my expectations and when my needs were beyond his specialty, he provided access to his network of lawyers to assist me. It's rare to find someone that not only helps, but is confident enough to refer when it's in his clients best interests.

Loretta McG., Waterford Twp., MI 

David immediately put me at ease and made me feel like a friend, not a client. He explained my options in language that was understandable without being condescending. David communicated with me in a timely fashion and always answered my questions. My matter was resolved quickly, professionally and completely ... 


David Soble is reliable, knowledgable and helped me with a matter that I could of not handled on my own. He always answered my calls and on the rare occasion when he was not available he returned my call immediately. I highly recommend him!!


I was directed towards David's attention by my brother. I had some complex legal circumstances and decided to hire David as my attorney. WOW! is this guy smart. David walked me through the process and educated me on all my options. David got the results that I was expecting. I even passed his contact information to my buddy Drew who hired him as well.


I worked with David on a deal and found him to be very knowledgeable & informative. David responded to all my phone calls and emails answering all of my questions and concerns. I found David to be very personable and easy to speak with; he did a great job in structuring a deal and I would recommend him highly. 


David Soble was referred to us by another attorney and we have been very satisfied since. We meet with him, he keeps his word and knows the law. You are not just a number I would refer him to anyone for he gets the case done and within budget.

Kari S., Metamora, MI

David was referred to us by our real estate agent. He came highly recommended and after working with David, we now know why. We wanted to purchase a property that had many different issues that needed to be resolved. David was instrumental in clearing up all of the issues. David is accessible, honest, trust worthy and I knew he would get the job done. David was very easy to talk to and I always received a timely phone call or e-mail back...

Tam B., Mason, MI  

I was referred to David by a friend that had known him for years and he has helped me with several deals over the past couple of years. His knowledge and procedures have assisted in overcoming some unusual situation with good results. His meet and greet luncheons also bring many diverse people together for networking as well. I really like this guy!!

Kate L., Farmington 

I came to David Soble with a very difficult issue, I had been to many attorneys and they did not listen to me. David took the time to listen and I felt like I was his first and highest priority. He is a very strategic and dynamic thinker. He helped me with my case and was methodical and calm throughout the entire case. I am using him for another case and I appreciate how diverse his legal practice is, I recommend him with the utmost confidence.

Larry P., Eastpointe

I went to two other lawyers for help before I was referred by another attorney to Dave. Before Dave, They kept telling me that my only answer was bankruptcy. That would really cause me more problems because I had a family business that was passed on for several generations. Dave reviewed my files and when he opened them he was able to tell me what to do and how to do it fast before the bank got to me. After two weeks my business and my family could still run it for the next generation. This guy knows his stuff.

Myra K., Brighton, MI

David came highly recommended to us via good old fashioned word of mouth. We were concerned that we would not be able to find high quality and affordable legal counsel for our real estate problem, especially after already losing money to someone else. It is very obvious that David enjoys his work. His good nature and enthusiasm let us know that we would be receiving excellent advice and skilled legal counsel. Now it is our turn to refer David to our friends.

Sean, Northern Bell Networks, Southfield, MI

Dave Soble lives up to the name Proven Resource. Dave is my Resource when it comes to Real Estate and tax laws. Dave knows his stuff! I love working with Dave, he does an outstanding Job!

Brett Y., Commerce Twp.  

David and his team are top notch, David really knows his craft and save my family and myself thousand in the process. Thanks again for your dedication to service and commitment to excellence, we are grateful.

Alex W., West Bloomfield, MI

I engaged David for a serious problem I was having with former tenant. He was extremely helpful and I was able to address the situation efficiently and professionally.

Bruce Nosanchuk, W.B., MI

David has been tremendous resource for my friends and clients. He has an excellent knowledge of most are of real estate and banking law. I look forward to sending him many clients in the future.

Debbie Binder, West Bloomfield, MI

I recently referred a client to David for an advanced real estate auction situation. I have known David for many years and always knew he was a good guy but I got to see what an outstanding attorney he is as well. David had a breadth of knowledge and experience that ensured both my client and I knew he was clear about the subject. His advice was deliberate and detailed and he was easily accessible. We both felt like David gave us top notch attention on very short notice and provided an intelligent strategy to solve a problem. I would not hesitate to recommend David again for any legal matters he feels comfortable with. It was extremely clear he had tremendous experience. A+++ attorney.

Kim Maddox, Taylor, MI

One of the most fantastic and honest individuals you will ever meet!!

Mike Ye, West Bloomfield, MI

David and Proven Resource are real estate guru and experts in the area, their wealthy knowledge and experience helped our business tremendously. The aids we got not only just in the details of deals, transactions and closings, but more importantly is a piece of mind that you have before and after you made the business decisions. I'd recommend highly David and his staff.

Richard K., Farmington, MI 

David is truly professional, understanding and knowledgeable when it comes to providing invaluable advice and recommendations, both in the area of Debt Consolidation and real estate. David is up-front and proves himself an asset from the get-go... I highly recommend Proven Resource and all they have to offer.

Amy Walsh, West Bloomfield, MI

David and his staff are extremely knowledgeable about their subject matter and are always very timely in  their communications. They are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them!

Robert Syfert, Tampa, FL

David and his team are absolutely top notch and provide A1 service. I would recommend them to anyone in need. Thank you!

Rob W., West Bloomfield, MI

David has done a wonderful job in assisting us with advice for our rental property. Thank you!

Susanne Earle, Windsor, CA

David Soble is a class act and provides a wealth of information and resources to his clients. Choose Proven Resource and get positive results.

Attorney Peer Review

David Soble has been practicing for many years and has a wide range and depth of knowledge in a number of areas, in particular real estate and debt resolution. He is an exceptional and skilled negotiator. His knowledge regarding mortgages, banking practices and real estate is outstanding.

Attorney Peer Review

 David Soble is a skilled and seasoned practitioner, and an expert in his specialty. The epitome of what a lawyer should be, David practices law as it should be done, servicing clients with and working with opposing counsel in a professional manner. Further, David has taken upon himself to educate others with his blogs, seminars, and consultations. I would not hesitate to recommend David for an AV rating

Attorney Peer Review

David is a subject matter expert in the areas of real estate and mortgage transactions. I highly recommend him.

Attorney Peer Review

David Soble is a very knowledgeable debtor-creditor attorney who has represented financial institutions as well as individual and corporate debtors. He is a regulatory expert and a creative thinker who can design out-of-the box debt restructures. He also really cares about his clients and goes the extra mile to provide them with the best legal services possible.

Attorney Peer Review

David is a no-nonsense, results oriented attorney whose broad and extensive relationships in finance and real estate achieve optimal results for his clients at a minimum of cost

Attorney Peer Review

I have worked with David Soble for many years and he is a collaborative attorney with great negotiating skills. Clients love him as he provides true counsel and acts in his client's' best interests.

Attorney Peer Review

Very capable in matters relating to finance, mortgage loans, banking.

Attorney Peer Review

David has a wide variety of legal experience. The finance forms a basis for debtor issues and real estate matters.

Milla Kest, Bloomfield Hills, MI

It is always a hope that anyone you work with will treat your situation as their own. This is what we found with David Soble. He was thorough and knowledge and did an excellent job for us. We are very grateful that he was recommended to us and we are using him again on second project.

Karen Humphries, Adrian, MI

He is helpful, knowledgeable, and has great follow through. A fantastic lawyer!

Kurt Steinhebel, Florida

Your search for the right professional should start and end with David. David's actions on a daily basis prove his sincere commitment to building a real relationship with the client. David represents the top of his field in real estate and finance law. If you want the job done right and real results look no further!

Sharon C., W. Bloomfield, MI

When I was searching a commercial real estate lawyer, Dave was highly recommended by several referrals. After talking to a few lawyers, it was clear that Dave's knowledge in commercial real estate was superior. My husband and I successfully purchased our first multi-family commercial real estate property. Dave was not just our lawyer, he also acted like a mentor and helped guide us throughout the process. He was candid about his concerns, identified legal risks and offered solutions. Dave was very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him highly.

Aaron Hasenjager, Auburn Hills, MI

While working with David for several years, he showed tremendous character and integrity during some difficult times. He is true to his word and offers some unique insights. I would recommend his services.

Maria Betrus, Farmington Hills, MI

David Soble was a very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend him!

Matthew Foster, Commerce Twp.

David has has always been very responsive to any real estate questions or needs that I've had. I always end our conversations feeling clear and confident in the advice and strategies that he's recommended. Will refer David to all my clients and associates.

Francisco Calleros, Utica, MI

We are very satisfied with the results that we received from Proven Resources! David was very helpful in negotiating and representing us in our Real Estate Transaction. We highly recommend him!

Krishna Sekhar, Novi, MI

Attorney David Soble stands for Values and Integrity. His primary goal is to represent customers’ interests and make them successful in their deals. With decades of knowledge in Real Estate and Finance Law, Soble can handle complicated deals by making them very simple. With his big network of Real Estate professionals, Soble can reach to various people like Mortgage Lenders and Real Estate Agents. Despite being busy, Soble always makes time to accommodate his customer requests for advise and gives clear direction. Soble is an educator. He publishes “ANECDOTES” newsletter, which is a good resource for Real Estate advising and Life Enrichment topics. He presents about latest Real Estate and Finance Law at various Customer forums. I highly recommend Soble for all real estate deals.

Paul Bensman, Farmington Hills, MI

David and Proven Resource always gets results. I can always relax, once I give David a case or an assignment. I know the job will get done, and the results will be great. Let David's network work for you!

John Colley, Eastpointe, MI

David really helped us through a very trying matter! My parents are so happy that we contacted David,he helped us through every step of the way!!

Lucas Molic, Southgate, MI

This was my first time ever needing to contact a lawyer so I was a little anxious. David Soble was very helpful and understanding of my situation. Thanks to his excellent advice and knowledge of law, I feel much more comfortable going to court with the resources he gave me.

Dawn Ness Hubbard, Brighton, MI

David Soble was very professional and easy to work with. I will use his services again to help me with my real estate questions and investing.

Stephanie C. 

I needed strong legal advice from a strong legal professional. My landlord think that after 18 days of no running water, heat, gas to cook with or to heat the water (once the water tank was installed), I should pay her $942. I was in awe but knew I had a case. I contacted Mr. Soble and was given information that was very similar to what I had already thought. This news released a lot of tension and allowed me to plan a better response to pursue what I rightfully deserve. Thank you Mr. Soble. I am so glad I crossed your path.

James White

Mr. Soble explains things clearly and I would recommend him.

Ben Glass, Attorney

 As a former lawyer for "big banks," David has the insider's scoop on how to best help consumers and small business owners who have financial issues/questions. He'll be straightforward with you and will even tell you when you DON'T need an attorney!

Erica P., Muskegon, MI

I contacted David and was able to get an appointment with him that same day. I was very happy with how quickly he would respond to any questions I had.
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